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(Behavioural Profiling)

The DISC Behavioural profiling tool is one of the most popular with reports that are straightforward and easy to use. Identifying an individuals behavioural style in the workplace helps confirming their suitability for a job, managers understand their own and their teams styles, enhances interactions and collaboration for more effective team working and so much more....


(Emotional Intelligence)

Emotional Intelligence is fast becoming more important within the workplace and measures an individuals capacity to not only manage their own emotions, but also the emotions of others. Helping Managers and Leaders alike become better versions of themselves and support and guide their teams more effectively. TEIQue breaks down into 15 facets, with 13 coming under 4 factors which are Self Control, Well-Being, Emotionality and Sociability. The 2 independent facets are Motivation and Adaptability,

Emotional Intelligence can help you recruit more effectively, build relationships, defuse conflict, manage workplace stress and improve job satisfaction.

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Values is often an underrated and possibly misunderstood addition to the range of assessments available in the marketplace.

The Personal Values Profile and Corporate Values Profile assessment is unique and looks at those Values that are most important and ranks them accordingly. From a series of 21 pre-defined values they are ranked from most to least important and can help identify the alignment with the companies core values

By gaining a better understanding of what drives and motivates an individual it can aid in driving employee engagement, well-being and facilitate more effective and smoother working relationships

Remote Working Questionnaire

The Remote Working Questionnaire (RWQ), aims to highlight personal and environmental factors that are important in the adaptation to ‘working from home’ where the boundaries between work and living environment are not as easily managed. The RWQ consists of 60 questions and takes between 10-15 minutes to complete.

The questionnaire determines whether an individual has a natural inclination to live and work at the same location.

When your scores can be compared against a company-specific benchmark, you can determine the suitability level. The higher the suitability level, the more likely you are to have a long-term tenure at your organisation.

In the development of this assessment, we have identified twelve factors. These may vary in importance depending on the remote working environment.

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