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Improving or even transforming the culture of any business starts with the most important aspect of any business ..their people.... so creating an environment where people feel valued is critical to the success of any company.

Gaining a better understanding of your people can benefit both employees and employers alike and ultimately increase the likelihood of a positive workplace. From recruitment through to management and general personal development gaining a better understanding of themselves and others will:-

  • Improve morale as positive attitudes can influence and motivate others

  • Increase productivity as happier employees tend to be more efficient and perform better

  • promote collaboration as employees may be more willing to support and cooperate with each other

woman in black shirt and blue denim jeans writing on white paper
woman in black shirt and blue denim jeans writing on white paper

We offer a range of assessments to support recruitment and people development programs.



Our Assessments include the popular DISC, TEIQue (Emotional Intelligence, Values (Personal/Team/Company) and Remote Working Questionnaire.

Assessments can provide a measurement of a candidates suitability for a role and and organisation providing more detailed and insightful information. They can help to predict how well employees will perform, communicate and behave in the workplace. Managers can improve their own self-awareness and gain a better understanding of their team....alongside enhancing the development and performance of the employees by identifying their strengths, limitation and areas for improvement.



Remote Working

"The ValueLights leadership team worked with Saul to understand how our personality types work best with each other. Saul set up a really engaging two days and the output really helped us overcome challenges, by understanding each other in depth, and building a strong bond to set us up and deliver our vision and strategy. Massive thank you to Saul who was brilliant throughout."

Danny Barrasso (CEO)

"We have used Saul for a number of years for DISC profiles – service is quick and painless and we use it for any interviews of candidates – a refreshing change from Thomas international who is recent years seemed to go into sales prevention mode and made it very difficult to work with."

- Dylan Shaw (CEO)

"We’ve worked with Saul for years and can’t recommend him enough. His knowledge, experience, and approach have supported us in helping our clients to continually enhance various stages of their employee life cycle, building top-performing and highly engaged individuals and teams."

- Vicky Pritchard and Lee Thawley @MuddyWellies

"Working with Saul again has been a pleasure and a game changer for the business. His knowledge, expertise and innovative approach has meant that implementing DISC in the business has been straightforward and has noticeably improved our team dynamics, understanding and communication. Saul’s energy and infectious personality means he is easy to work with and he is a trusted partner as we evolve our people agenda."

Tara Barley (HR Director)

Better Call Saul

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