Empathy - A Crucial Skill

2/13/20241 min read

There's no doubt about how important empathy is and that it's a crucial skill for Managers as it helps build strong relationships, enhances communication and fosters a positive work environment.

The TEIQue assessment (Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire) is an extremely valuable tool for measuring empathy in individuals. It assesses various aspects of ones emotional intelligence alongside empathy and managers can gain valuable insights into their own level of empathy and identify areas for improvement.

But can one have too much or too little as a manager? The answer lies in finding the right balance at the right time. Having an excessive amount of empathy may lead to difficulty in making tough decisions or setting boundaries. On the other hand, lacking empathy can result in a disconnect with team members and a negative impact on morale.

To strike the right balance, managers should strive to be empathetic while also being firm and objective when necessary. Understanding and acknowledging the feelings and perspectives of team members, while still maintaining professionalism and upholding organisational goals is key.

Empathy plays a vital role in effective management and so using an assessment like TEIQue, managers can evaluate their own level of empathy and work towards achieving the right balance. We should remember that empathy is not about being overly emotional or detached, but about being understanding, compassionate and supportive.

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